Car Wraps

Car Wraps Sydney Vinyl graphics are a cost-effective method of promotion, which can be altered and removed easily, leaving behind no residue. We can help you maximize your business presence on the road using our vehicle graphics service.

At Redcube Window Tinting we also do Signage & Car Wraps . With the latest Roland XR-640 print & cut machine there is no limits to the signage we can do. With the best color selection on the market let Redcube take care of your signage & car wrap needs. We can print a sticker or banner up to 1600mm wide and up to 50 m in one continuous print.

One Way Vision Signage

One Way Vision is the perfect and professional solution for the rear screen of any vehicle. We only use the highest quality Clear Focus with the CurvaLam over laminate. There is many “fake” one way vision products on the market. Clear Focus is the highest quality product which doesn’t fade and won’t go patchy after a short period. The CurvaLam is required on the signage to protect the print from the rain, UV, and other elements of nature. Without CurvaLam the one way vision is impossible to see out in the rain as the water sits in the holes. There is no restrictions to signage when it comes to one way vision.

Alupanel Signage

Alupanel is also known as ACP or Diebond. Alupanel is a lightweight yet ridged and strong substrate that is used in building signage. Alupanel is perfect for any signage that is required on a wall. We can either cut a simple decal out of vinyl, or we can full print your Alupanel signage. Most business signage is done on Alupanel.

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is the easiest way to brand your business while gaining maximum exposure. Everywhere you drive your car your signage and brand is on show. While you’re completing work it lets all the people around you know who you are and what you are doing. Vehicle branding works for a single person business right up to big corporate fleets. Vehicle signage can stem from cut out logos on your door to a full printed car wrap. We only use the highest quality brands for vehicle signage such as 3m and Avery.

Printed Banner Signage

Printed banners are cost effective, light weight and perfect to be put up and taken down at ease. Printed banners come finished with ropes and eyelets allowing the banner to be hung/tied up at ease without damaging the banner. Banners can range in sizes from a small banner to a big billboard. Printed banners come in a high gloss finish to a matte finish. Banners are often used by sporting clubs for signage or for a small birthday function.

Corflute Signage

Corflute signage are most common with builders and real estate agents. Real estate agents use coreflute signage because they are lightweight and cost effective. Usually builders will use coreflute signage for there site safety requirements or to simply advertise while they are doing the job. Coreflute signage are usually made to be thrown away once they have been used for a few months.

Printed Frost Signage

Printed window frosting is the perfect way to turn a piece of glass into signage. It will give great results and will also increase privacy. We can do the basic safety strip frosting to complex printed and cut designs. We only use the highest quality brands for frosted signage. Some of these brands are 3m frost, Avery Frosted glass, and Metamark window frosting.

Boat Signage

Boat signage ranges from a full boat wrap to a simple sticker of the name of the boat or a registration number on the boat. For all your Boat Signage Redcube is the best option for boat signage.

Car Wraps

Car wraps can be used effectively for a number of different reasons. Car wrapping has really changed the car modification market & taken branding to a new level. Car wraps can be a simple roof wrap to change the colour, a bonnet wrap to give the car a unique look, or a full printed car wrap to show off your brand. A branded wrap is a billboard, when ever your sales rep is on the road, your brand is on show.


Car Wraps