Ceramic Paint Protection Parramatta

Ceramic Paint Protection Parramatta

Ceramic Paint Protection Parramatta can be applied to your vehicle leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork.

Once treated with Ceramic Coat Paint Protection Parramatta your paintwork is guaranteed for the life of your car* and you will never have to polish it again. Some paint protection products require the use of an ‘enhancer’ to  maintain both the gloss shine and the lifetime guarantee. Ceramic Coat does not require reapplication all you need do to re-validate the guarantee is to have your vehicle inspected by the selling dealer after five years. In the unlikely event they find any problems with the coat, we will reapply Ceramic Coat*.

Without Ceramic Coat protection parramatta your paintwork could be become dull and faded over time, when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. The paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coat Paint Protection :


Protects all exterior paintwork and locks in showroom shine; making your vehicle more attractive to buyers when the time comes to resell it. Keeps the paintwork in the showroom condition for the life of the car, and always has that high gloss finish.

Saves Time

No need to polish your car. Ceramic Coat has an active ingredient which repels dirt and grime making cleaning your car easier and quicker. Most of the dirt will bead off the paint works with a simple hose down.

Saves Money

The reduced build-up of dirt and grime leads to savings on the cost of washing and waxing. Ceramic Coat will also prevent paintwork dulling over time.

Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind with nation wide installers.

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