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Welcome to Redcube Window Tinting Sydney

Based in North Parramatta and over 15 years experienced in window tinting. We only use the best films available and offer you a friendly, professional service with LIFETIME warranty.

We have tinted a variety of vehicles and buildings to reduce heat and glare. If it’s glass we’ll tint it, call us!

Redcube Window Tinting is based in North Parramatta.

Every day, Redcube Window Tinting improves glazed areas for the benefit of many different types of people. Architects appreciate our attention to detail. Car owners get a fantastic looking vehicle. Home owners benefit from improved privacy and security. Office workers enjoy a more pleasant working environment, the list is endless…

Experience and high quality service standards are the cornerstones on which we have built our leading, local reputation for the supply, fit and after sales window tinting service we offer. Redcube Window Tinting will take the time to listen to your specific needs – then offer you a clear (or even a limousine style, dark and tinted) choice for an affordable and suitable window film solution.

Benefits of Window Tint:

  • Window Tinting reduces interior heat of your CAR, HOME or OFFICE keeping it much cooler

  • Window Tinting reduces Heat by up to 84%, Glare by 90% and UV rays up to 99.99%

  • Window Tinting your Car, Home and Office modernizes the look instantly giving it a prestigeous vibe

  • Window Tinting reduces your utility costs significantly as it works against the seasons, keeping you cool in summer by rejecting the heat, and keeping you warm in winter by keeping the heat in

  • Window Tinting protects your interiors and furnishings that are easily damaged, faded or melted by the suns harmful UV rays

  • Window Tinting provides a more comfortable environment for the occupant by significantly reducing glare, decreasing the need for sunglasses, reduces heat and the need for temperature control and UV rays are rejected protecting the occupants from being sunburnt

  • Window Tinting darkens the windows which increases the privacy of the occupants instantly

  • Window Tinting increases protection by holding the glass together as one piece rather than shattering in the case of accidents, storms and security film will help to keep out burglars.

  • Window Tint is a much more environmentally friendly way to cut out heat, glare and uv



Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting

Privacy for the boardroom

Privacy for the boardroom