Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting or frosted window films are installed for lots of reasons. Exposure to sunlight means that people experience different problems depending on their situation. Commercial Window Tinting can either help eliminate or significantly reduce the effects of bright sunshine that may otherwise contribute to:

  • Bright glare and excessive sunlight
  • Damaging ultra violet light causing fading problems with carpets/furniture
  • Heat build-up in a conservatory office 
  • Overlooked by neighbours 
  • Visual impact for your business

Adding window tinting in a commercial office building, window film can save energy costs, improve staff productivity and provide a more pleasant working environment.


We have the largest range of commercial window tints. Being an independant we have access to American Standard Window Films, Johnson Window Films, Suntek, MEP, 3m and SolarGard window films. With this large range we can select the best window tint to suit your needs. We have commercial window tinting which can reject up to 84% of the heat. We use the best product for your needs which will block 99% of harmful UV rays. We use the latest techniques to apply window tinting which allows the client to get the best possible job. With the right film at a competitive price. All of our commercial window tinting comes with a warranty from 10 to 15 years depending on your needs. We offer a free measure and quote service. While we are measuring up you can have a look at the products in our sample books.


Safety and Security Films

Accidents, forces of nature and human threats can instantly turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards. Thicker protective safety films are available to provide an extra level of protection in case of breakage and increased security for your possessions against smash-and-grab robberies. All our safety and security films have been tested to Australian Standards and have also been bomb tested.

Commercial Window Tinting Other Services

  • Home Window Tinting
  • Car Window Tinting
  • Office Window Tinting
  • Window Tint Removal
  • Window Frosting

Commercial Window Tinting Frost Safety Band

Safety Strip – Window Frost Sydney

Hi-Rise Commercial Window Tinting

Signage and commercial window tinting

Commercial Window Tinting - Frost

Printed Window frost on the sidelight of an office in Parramatta